There is a secret to creating great-tasting tea: the leaves. The two top leaves of the mature tea bush capture all of the delicious, comforting goodness the tea lover desires. Using only these leaves assures that Top Two Leaves Tea is noticeably more flavorful and aromatic than the average tea.

What is it that makes these leaves superior? Scientifically speaking, these leaves are packed with 30% more theanine and flavanols to create teas of distinct, rich flavor. The top two leaves of the tea bush also boast 50% more phytochemicals long valued in traditional medicines for their energizing qualities.

Indu teas are single-origin only, meaning our teas are grown in select gardens in China, India and Sri Lanka and are never blended with other teas. This technique helps to preserve each tea’s own distinctive, rich flavor.

Tea drinkers will enjoy discovering new and exciting tastes within Indu’s range of products. We have teas to delight even the most discriminating palates.


Our Indian teas originate in two distinct regions: The northeastern state of Assam and the blue-mountain region of Nilgiri. The Assam Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (or TGFOP) tea is known and loved for its smooth, hearty flavor imparted by the Brahmaputra River basin’s rich soil.

From Nilgiri, Indu brings you the exquisitely fragrant and delicate teas that made this region famous. The Nilgiri region rests where two mountain ranges intersect, providing sparkling clean spring water and fresh mountain air, perfect for growing.


Tea lovers who adore strong flavor and exciting bright tea know all about the straits of Sri Lanka. Two regions of the island nation produce Indu’s full-flavored black tea. From the lowlands of Ruhuna comes a bold black tea brewed from uncharacteristically long leaves.

Indu’s English teas are grown in the tropical plantations of Kandy for a natural and delicious citrusy essence.


Legend has it that long ago, a mighty wind unexpectedly blew loose tea leaves into a cup of boiling water held by Emperor Shen Nung. Since that day, tea has been considered an elixir in China.

The subtle flavors and delicate light-yellow hue for which Chinese green teas are famous have captivated tea drinkers worldwide for centuries. Indu captures the magic of this historical legend with traditional green teas and teas infused with tropical and other exotic fruit flavors.

Served as soothing, hot beverages or with crushed ice as cool refreshments, Indu teas combine superior flavor and freshness to create the ultimate tea drinking experience.